How Much Is Manny Worth

Rob Bradford had an interesting article in the Herald about Manny Ramirez this morning. After next season the Red Sox can pick up his option for a 9th season at $20 million. If Manny has his typical numbers next year there will be teams willing to pay more than the option for at least a 3 year deal. The Yankees will be looking for an outfielder, especially if they do not deal Matsui before the ’08 season, and they will have the money to spend. For all the times Manny has been Manny and come up with new injuries or car shows to attend, he always puts up great numbers and has been a big part of two World Series championships. He was MVP in the ’04 series and he had one of the best post season moments this year with his walk-off against the Angels. If Boston can get Manny for 3 more years at $20 million/year I say go for it. What’s the worst that could happen? We might get a few new things to bid for on ebay and a couple more rings.

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