I forgot to mention Dice-K in my Lester for All Star Team post! Doh!

Yesterday, I stumped for Lester for All Star Team. (I had already made my case for Wakefield.)

In my Lester post I mentioned Aardsma, Lopez, and Delcarmen all having good years, but not quite ready for the game. I wrote of Beckett and Pap, but somewhere along the way, my Dice-K review got lost. (Damn modern technology!)
Dice-K is having a great year, no doubt. However, I am just a little concerned about his high pitch counts, free passes, and that disastrous 1st game back from the DL.
Those negatives combined with Lester’s positives are why I am picking Lester before Dice-K.
Soon come my picks for the rest of the AL arms.

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