Papelbon Responds To Daily News Cover

Jonathan Papelbon was none to pleased with the New York media today and had the following to say about this morning’s Daily News:

“It just (makes you mad) when your wife gets involved in that,” Papelbon said, and yes, he chose saltier language. “You’ve got a wife who’s pregnant and she doesn’t feel safe riding with you in a red-carpet event like that? How would you feel? It just soured me on the whole thing.”

Papelbon, wearing a T-shirt that had a hand making a naughty gesture in the Yankees clubhouse, had a new opinion as to who should close the game.

“I don’t really give a (hoot) any more,” he said. “If I don’t even (actually) pitch, I don’t care.”

Papelbon always finds ways to add fuel to the fire. Should make for an interesting night if he gets the call to pitch….I for one will be wearing my Papelbon jersey as I watch.

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