The Benefit From Losing the Santana Sweepstakes

As great as it would have been to have Johan on the Sox, there is more upside to not having him. If Lester and Ellsbury play as well as most fans think they will and Boston adds a few more banners to Fenway the joy Sox fans feel will be far better than if they had won a few World Series with Santana. With Santana the Red Sox would look like they went out and bought a championship to fans in other parts of the country, they would look like the Yankees. I remember my reaction when A-Rod signed with New York; everyone else was saying they would be unbeatable but all I could think about is how much greater it would be when Boston beats them, and it was. When Boston beats the Mets in the 2008 World Series and it will be that much better because it will have been won with home grown talent.

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