2009 Red Sox Draft Picks: A Family Affair

This week seems like it is all about the Red Sox and the Yankees…and in many ways, it is. However, in other news….the 2009 MLB Draft was also this week.

Here is an article that gives a basic play by play of those who were drafted. Here are a few highlights though of names that perked my interest:

The first round draft pick for the Sox was Reymond Fuentes. He plays out in Center Field. He is also cousin of the Mets’ Carlos Beltran. He also looks like a speedy little devil.

Let’s jump to the 16th Round of the Draft. The Sox selected Luke Bard. He is of course the little brother of our own Daniel Bard. In the family tradition, Luke is a fastball pitcher. He doesn’t have the velocity that his big bro does, but he can hit the mid 90s. He is only 18 and has signed a letter of intent to play college baseball with Georgia Tech, but the Sox are trying to keep it within the family.

So…let’s jump again to the 36th round. The Sox drafted outfielder Michael Yastrzemski. You heard me right, Yastrzemski. Michael is the grandson of our very own Carl Yastrzemski. Yaz says that he his grandson definitely has the skills and the stuff to make the major leagues. Michael has said that he plans on going to college, but will being drafted by the Sox change his mind? The idea of having another Yastrzemski in the outfield at Fenway Park…I think it makes us all just a little excited.

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