Beltre vs. Johnson

When the Mike Lowell trade goes through the Red Sox will likely make another move and pick up either Adrian Beltre or Nick Johnson.  Beltre is represented by Scott Boras and will be the more expensive choice and will also require a longer contract.  After signing Lackey for 5 years the Sox might be less inclined to go long term on another player this offseason.  Johnson is a much more seletive hitter than Beltre but is often injured, the Sox do have Kotchman as a backup.  The downside of signing Johnson is having Youkilis play third base.  Youk is a good defensive player but playing third is harder on the body than playing first; look what happened to Mike Lowell.  Injuries or strain on his body could impact Youk’s production at the plate.  Johnson won’t hit a ton of home runs but he does have a good OPS,  Beltre could put up some big power numbers but he will also has a much lower on base percentage.  If the Sox could get Beltre for a 2-year deal like they could for Johnson it would be a no-brainer but right now it seems like Johnson is more likely to end up in Boston.

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