Cameron or Ellsbury in Center?

Assuming Jacoby Ellsbury is not traded, there is no guarantee that he will be playing center field next season.  Terry Francona and DeMarlo Hale have not decided who will be in center:

I actually just hung up with DeMarlo a minute ago. What I think I need to do, and I kind of explained this real quick yesterday, is I need to sit down with Theo – it’s been a busy few days for him – with DeMarlo. I have some ideas on this, but I want to talk with Jacoby and Cameron a little more about this, and then we’ll figure it out. I have some ideas, but I really want to talk to everyone involved before we do this…We’d like to put ourselves in what we think is the best position, and take a little bit of time to think about it and also to talk to everyone involved. But either way, we’ll be okay because both of these guys can catch the ball.

Cameron has never played left so he may have some difficulty adjusting to the new position, especially with the monster.  No matter where you have Ells and Cameron, they are both going to be able to run down most fly balls.

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