Johnny Damon had value

As Red Sox Nation sits down on their collective couches hoping for an implosion in the Bronx, we continue to look at Johnny Damon with wonder.  Here is a 35 year old outfielder that has had a physical metamorphosis only equalled to classic rocker Jim Morrison. Finishing the regular season with a .282 batting average, 24 home runs and 82 r.b.i. he was one of the quiet leaders as the Yankees brought in three high priced free agents(C.C. Sabathia, A.J. Burnett and Mark Teixeria).  Now don’t get me wrong he has had his ups and downs in the post season. Still with that never say die attitude he sent a message to The Phillies with a 9 pitch at bat against Brad Lidge serving a single into the outfield with 2-outs in game 4 of the World Series. A few pitches later stealing second base and making the play of The World Series taking third base when no one was covering. Heads up baseball that will wake up a team.  After five games Damon is on the short list of M.V.P. candidates for the series. Look at the .382 batting average but more importantly it’s the way he never goes down quietly while at the plate. He has mastered fouling off pitches with two strikes as well as Red Sox great Wade Boggs.  That skill clearly got into the head of Phillies closer Brad Lidge, throwing a fast ball when his best pitch is the curve or split fingered pitch.  With all the press on the Bronx Bombers high priced free agents I am not shocked the only two players batting over .300 for the series are Johnny Damon and Derek Jeter.  They come to play when the games mean the most.  With the Red Sox looking for an outfielder if and when Jason Bay leaves the Sox, would you take a flier on a 35 year old Johnny Damon? At that age it would have to be for short years however he is the one Red Sox star their front office let go that did have value for the length of his contract after he left.