The Red Sox have traded Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for catcher Max Ramirez pending approval of the John Henry eating most of Lowell’s $12 million salary and medical evaluations.  The Red Sox will cover most of Lowell’s $12 million salary.

The deal could mean the Red Sox will sign Adrian Beltre to play third base.  Earlier in the day Boras said he expected Beltre to sign for $10 million + per year.  Boston could also move Youk back to third and have V-Mart play first.  Max Ramirez can also play first base.

Mike Lowell was a class act his entire time in Boston.  His contributions to the Sox cannot be understated; especially what he did in the 2007 postseason earning the World Series MVP.

I was among the crowd near the Red Sox dugout at Coors Field on that October night in 2007 and joined in the “Re-Sign Mike! Re-Sign Mike!” chants.  He will be truly missed.

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