The Post-Bay Red Sox

Jason Bay hit 8 more homers than anyone else on the Red Sox last season, he also drove in more runs and had the second highest OPS.  Mike Cameron will not put up those numbers and the addition of Scutaro will only pick up some of the offensive missing from Bay’s absences.  Fans may find some comfort in saying we don’t want a guy who just goes after the money but the Red Sox could have found the money if they wanted to; if they have the money to pay Lowell’s salary for another team they could have paid Bay.  Theo did not think it was the right thing to do and the draft picks could make for a nice future as Peter Abraham points out.

Kevin Youkilis is confident in the new look team:

“I think we have a good offense, but picking up John Lackey was huge, where you don’t allow as many runs so the offense doesn’t have to be as great when you have great pitching. Great pitching always wins championships. For us, hopefully we’ve got six starting pitchers again, so if all can stay healthy, who knows what’s going to happen?… I think there’s still a lot of thunder there.”

Theo may not be done yet, there are new reports of the Red Sox negotiating for Adrian Beltre.

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