Theo: Big Papi Will be Ready for 2010

In an interview with WEEI, Theo Epstein talked about David Ortiz’s commitment to get ready for the 2010 season:

“David already has a plan in place for his offseason. It’s something that he’s thought a lot about. When you struggle, at all, and you’re a competitor, you think about how to get better, you put a plan in place on how to get better, and you execute, and David’s already thought a lot about it. He is going to come back in great shape and he’s going to work his tail off.”

The question everyone is asking is will that be enough?  Ortiz did have good power numbers in the second half of the season but his average never rebounded.  He will not have the pressure of being the cleanup hitter when the season begins but fans are not going to give him 2 months to get it going.  The Red Sox will need Ortiz to be an offensive force next season if they want to succeed.  You can listen to the interview here.


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