This Passes for Journalism?

Look out Ken Rosenthal, somebody is looking to dethrone you from being baseball’s worst reporter with this:

The Red Sox are going to be looking to upgrade their offense this winter and have apparently decided not to try to re-sign Jason Bay- whose rep, Scott (Avenging Agent) Boras, has had a long, acrimonious history with them, most recently on display during last winter’s Mark Teixeira negotiations.

Maybe the author (Bill Madden of the NY Daily News) should at least know who Bay’s agent is before posting trash like this.  It must be nice to have a column where you can just make stuff up.  Jason Bay’s agent is Joe Urbon, not Scott Boras, so any history between Theo and Boras will have nothing to do with the negotiations for Bay.  The Red Sox have not given up on signing Jason Bay.

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