Top 10 Red Sox Moments of 2009

10. May 20th: Big Papi hits first home run of the season.

9. August 12th: Jerry Remy returns to the broadcast booth.

8. June 12th: Daniel Bard gets his first career save by striking out the side in the 13th inning.

7. April 29th: Jonathan Van Every hits his first home run to win the game against the Indians. 

6. April 17th: Sox come back from 7 run deficit to beat the O’s. (I was at this game)

5. April 15th: Wake comes close to no-hitting the A’s (I was at this game too Sealed)

4. September 16th: Alex Gonzalez get the game winning hit in the bottom of the 9th against the Angels

3. June 11th: Red Sox beat the Yankees for the eighth straight time in the season.

2. May 7th: Red Sox score a record 12 runs in the 6th inning before making an out.

1. April 26th: Jacoby Ellsbury steals home against the Yankees.


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