Trying to Reason With the Offseason

Today’s loss is slowly starting to sink in with the realization that there will be no posting of a Red Sox lineup for Game 4.  There will be no discussion of how well Lester will pitch on short rest, there will be no talk of how to stop the Angels running game.  There are however, several things that will be discussed in the coming days including:

Right now there is only a feeling of disappointment that the Red Sox let the series and game slip away.  There is plenty of blame to go around and they did lose to a good Angels team, but that does not take away from the shock that most fans are experiencing right now.  The Red Sox not only lost to the Angels, they were swept.  Perhaps we have grown too spoiled with past sucesses and a loss like this might thin the herd of bandwagoners.  In reality it is a hard pill to swallow and now we have the long wait until next year. We also have to hope the Yankees don’t win it all.


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