Welcome Back Kotsay

Mark Kotsay

The Red Sox got one step closer to being back to full health today. The Sox activated Mark Kotsay of the disabled list. As a result, Jeff Bailey was sent back down to AAA Pawtucket.

Just in case you are not sure who Mark Kotsay is…he was traded to the Red Sox late last year. He became incredibly important as we pressed on in the post season. Kotsay plays OF and first base. We got to see Kotsay’s impressive skills at first base quite a bit when Mikey Lowell went down with his hip injury. In many ways…Kotsay helped us go as far as we did.

Since Kotsay was sent our way, I’ve been a fan. I was initially thrilled to hear that he was resigned to a one year deal with the Sox for 2009. I became a tad less thrilled when I heard that he needed to undergo back surgery and wouldn’t be available until May or June….and that the Red Sox were not made aware of this when signing him.

However, I still think Kotsay is an incredibly valuable guy to have on the bench. He can back up our outfield if needed…and it probably will be with the double team of injury prone fellas, Rocco Baldelli and JD Drew (love both of them, but it’s a fact). And his value at First Base has already been shown in 2008. It gives Terry Francona so many more options. He can give Mikey Lowell more rest if needed…and allow Lowell to DH if and when it comes to that.

So welcome back Kots! Feel free to get back to kick arse anytime buddy!

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