Yankees, Red Sox and LF

In a surprising offseason the two top free agents are still on the market.  In a perfect world either Bay or Holliday ends up on the Red Sox and the Yankees are left overpaying for Johnny Damon.  If Holliday would stay in St. Louis and Bay went to the Mets things would be fine, but there is a bad and very possible senario still out there: the Yanks sign Bay or Holliday and the Sox miss out on either one.  The Yankees have already countered the Lackey signing and could eliminate all Red Sox chances of winning the East with a top tier left fielder.   There is a good chance that Theo is bluffing about getting back into the negotiations for Bay to drive up the price for other clubs.  If the Mets get scared away the Yankees could always be there to pick up the pieces.  The Hot Stove still has a couple of big chips to fall before we start the spring training countdown and where those chips go directly impacts the Red Sox.

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