Beltre signs a 6 yr deal with the Rangers

I wondered where Adrian Beltre would end up….for a while it looked like the Angels, however…nope.  Beltre has signed a 6 year deal with the Texas Rangers.  It was reported last night that he is headed to Texas to get his physical in order to finish the deal.  The deal is said to be for 6 years…and upwards of 90 million dollars.  Good for Beltre…and I’ll look forward to seeing him when we open the season against the Rangers.  Of course…this brings up 2 questions.  1…which member of the Rangers is gonna take over VMart’s job of rubbing his head…when he hits a HR.  And 2…what is to become of Michael Young.  They say he’ll DH a lot…but I gotta think they are gonna be open to any and all trade talks.