Reminds me of “closer by committee”

This run prevention proproganda the Red Sox front office has put on us is a reminder of the 2003 season when they tried to pass by the closer by committee.  Chad Fox was the top reliever that season and to look at this 2010 I have to wonder where the upgrade is defensively. Sure the obvious answer is Adrian Beltre over at third base, but come on who wouldn’t be an upgrade over Mike Lowell and that bad hip?  I have looked at Marco Scutaro at shortstop. His range is that of a second baseman. There is a shortstop in double A right now in Portland (Jose Iglesias) that should be getting a look because he is major league ready defensively and why not let him learn on the job offensively? One scout called this kid’s range that of Omar Vizquel. Sounds good enough to me, however I know the Red Sox will stick with Scutaro because of the way they do things. I do have to mention their issues recognizing a quality shortstop, OK I said it!  Mike Cameron has been a very good defensive centerfielder for about a decade. By the time he came to the Red Sox he was 37. Now I know he has been great before this year but you’ve seen what I’ve seen. Misjudged flyballs in this short season. I guess there is hope because it is a short season, but some times age catches up to you quickly. So it’s all about the run prevention. I have its working in reverse have to say.

Bill Welcome

I was born and raised in Holyoke, Massachusetts.  Baseball has been a cornerstone of my life since I was 7 years old. In 1986 I was 14 years old when the Red Sox made their run against the New York Mets. Since then I waited for the ole town team to win a world series. That same year i wrote a letter to general manager Lou Gorman asking him why they never decided to trade or release Tim Lollar from the club. Mr. Gorman actually wrote me back. Throughout my teenage years, I called local sports talk shows talking baseball with the host. Since giving up playing the game after high school I have coached the game in high school as well as summer teams. Speaking of the summer, I started umpiring in the summer of 2009. It without question is the most abusive relationship I have ever been in. I do not recommend doing the job because even if you get all the calls correct people still yell at you.