Hockey At The Fens

This article is a couple days late, but I had to search around to find the pic I was looking for…so forgive me.

As everyone and their brother knows, Fenway Park has been turned from a ballpark to a hockey rink this winter.  They had the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day where the Bruins beat the Flyers in OT.  And on Friday, they had classic Boston University vs. Boston College hockey game at Fenway.

I’m not a hockey fan…but any stretch of the imagination…so, why am I writing about it? Well…it’s because of the uniforms that Boston University wore.



BU had Boston written in the classic Red Sox font.  And if that wasn’t cute enough…do you see the icon on the shoulder of their unis?  Do ya?


That’s right….little Red Sox…with laces and skates.  Umm.  Just one word for that.


Oh yeah…BU won the game 3-2 but once again…I so don’t care about hockey.

Is it Truck Day yet?  Is it Spring Training yet?  Is is Opening Day yet???