Ells, Pedey and Gonzo Are Golden!

The Gold Gloves were announced last night.  Three Sox players walked away with the prize.  Dustin Pedroia won for second base, Adrian Gonzalez won for first base and Jacoby Ellsbury won for centerfield.  Kevin Youkilis was also nominated at third base, but given that he missed a bunch of time due to injury and didn’t have his best year defensively, it was no surprise he did not win the award.  This is the first time that Ellsbury has won a Golden Glove and given the season he had, it was well deserved.  This was Pedroia’s second Golden Glove and Gonzo’s third time winning the award.  This is the first time that 3 Sox players won the award since 1979. 

See, there is still good news about the Sox.  And former Red Sox Adrian Beltre won the Gold Glove at third base for the Rangers.  I think we all remember that sick fielding well enough to know that is well deserved. 

Here is a quote from Adrian Gonzalez about winning the award:


“It’s pretty special…Being able to win one in both leagues now, I’m pretty grateful to everyone that voted for me, and it was a lot of fun playing defense this year.”


“It’s pretty awesome hearing that Dustin won it as well. It’s fun playing alongside him.  We had great communication this year and we move around quite a bit. We communicate every pitch, every hitter. We try to cover the whole right side of the infield, and hopefully we can continue to do it for many years to come.”