Quote of The Day

“Every team is going to stumble.  Every team is going to get kicked in the mouth. It’s how you respond. It’s incumbent upon us to respond the right way. If we don’t respond the right way, there’s going to be night after night after night that all of us, every single one of our players, is going to wake up, saying, ‘Gosh, we were 3 1/2 up with 17 games to play, and we felt like it was slipping away. Why didn’t we just come out and play great baseball the way we had for most of the year?”

“As much as this seems like a massive problem, this is also a tremendous opportunity. We have a tremendous opportunity to respond for the second time in one regular season, through a stretch of horrendous play, with great opportunity beyond that. If we can right the ship — and we will — not only will we be where we want to be at the end of the regular season, but we’re going to have great momentum headed into the postseason. “

-Theo Epstein on the current slump the Red Sox are going through.