Sox Hit HR Derby In Win Over Orioles

Sox had won two in a row…could they make it three?  They sure could.  Andrew Miller was on the mound for the Sox also looking for his 3rd win.  He didn’t have the best outing, but he gutted through 5 innings and it was good enough for the win.  This is the first time we’ve seen some of the lack of command that Miller has been known well for previously.  However, he still was able to limit the damage even when he wasn’t pitching with his best stuff.  He gave up 2 runs in the 1st inning and then one more run in the 4th, but that would be all.  Miller’s pitching line for the night was 5 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 4 BBs, 0 Ks and 97 pitches.  When Miller left the mound, the Sox were clinging to a 4-3 lead, so he was in line for the win. 

Aceves came out in relief and pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief, throwing in total 15 pitched.  It was basically a beautiful thing to watch.  The other upside to Aceves innings was that with throwing so few pitches, he could still be in line to start on Sunday if Terry so decides.  Wowza.  It was basically the awesome.  Aceves was followed by Atchison who gave up a run and the game was closed out by Jenks who also threw a scoreless inning, only giving up one hit.

Now that Red Sox offense was on fire last night.  The Sox first got on the scoreboard in the 3rd with a 3 run HR from Dustin Pedroia to give the Sox a 3-2 lead.  The O’s tied it up 3-3, but in the 4th JD Drew got a sac grounder to give the Sox a 4-3 lead.  In the 5th, Gonzalez hit a solo HR to give the Sox a wee bit of breathing room.  HR #2 of the game.  In the 6th, Jacoby Ellsbury hit his 11th HR of the season to give the Sox a 7-3 lead.  HR #3 of the game.  In the 7th, Papi, Reddick and Salty went BACK TO BACK TO BACK.  HR # 4, 5, and 6 of the game. 

HR Derby for sure!  Let’s hope the Sox saved a few runs for Friday night’s game! 

Also, the Yankees lost last night, so the Sox are officially back in 1st place in the AL East.  WHOO!

Red Sox 10  Orioles 4 BOXSCORE