Sox set their rotation

The Sox announced yesterday that Lester would be the Opening Day starter…and today Tito announced what the rotation will be:






The most surprising to everyone was Beckett being listed as the #4 starter.  Tito said that the concussion that Beckett received early on in camp had nothing to do with the decision.  He basically said he felt that Lackey, Lester and Buch could pitch anywhere…against anyone.  Here is a comment from Tito about Beckett and his spot in the rotation:


“Just watching the way last year unfolded, we want to get him off to a good start. He’ll pitch in that game in Cleveland. I think that’s a good place for him to start.”


And given the rotation, it sets up a series opener against NYY of John Lackey being followed by Buch and then Beckett. I have to say the idea of Beckett facing their #4 starter, I don’t hate it.