Support The Lackeys: Wear Pink

I saw something on twitter today about a blog that Pete Abraham posted over at the Globe. It’s been no secret that John Lackey has struggled this year.  After his last outings, Lackey was quoted as saying that everything in his life sucks right now.  Lackey spoke during Spring Training about how his wife Krista had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she was undergoing treatment.  Lackey has said little about it since.  He does wear a pink bracelet every time he pitches in support of her. 

So, someone emailed Pete with a great idea and he posted it in order to spread the word around.  Wouldn’t it be great if people could support both Lackey and his wife, Krista, by wearing pink when he takes the mound.  

I’m not Lackey’s biggest fan…probably never will be, but my thoughts and prayers are constantly with him and his wife.  I can’t imagine going through treatments for cancer let alone doing while being part of a big market sports organization with a huge media presence. 

So, I know pink doesn’t have the best reputation at Fenway Park, but I think it’s a great idea to put on some pink gear to support John and Krista.  The next time Lackey will take the mound is tomorrow against the Orioles.  I won’t be at the park then, but I will be at the park for his next start which is scheduled against the Cubs on Sunday.  I don’t wear pink often (it clashes with my hair…lol) but I am gonna find something pink to wear in support to the Lackeys and what they are going through off the field.