Aceves Is Back: Blown Save And All

The Red Sox headed to LA and looked like they were on their way to a win, however Aceves was not able to get a 6 out save and got another blown save on the season.

Clay Buchholz took the mound for the Sox and had himself a nice outing.  Buchholz started out the outing giving up a leadoff homerun to Mike Trout.  Trout just killed the ball.  Sox 0-1.  Clay gave up a single and a walk and then gave up his 2nd run of the inning with a Trumbo sac fly.  In the 2nd, the Sox got one of those runs back when Salty hit his 22nd homerun of the year.  Sox 1-2.  Clay settled down well and the Sox bats got him the lead in the 4th inning.  Weaver loaded the bases with no outs and then the bats really got to work.  Loney hit an RBI single to tie the game, Salty hit an RBI single to give the Sox the lead and then Kalish hit into a double play, but scored another run.  Sox 4-2.  The Sox added another run in the 6th when Ells got on base, stole second and then got to third on a throwing error.  Gotta love that speed.  Lavarnway hit a sac fly to bring Ellsbury home.  Sox 5-2. 

Buchholz kept trucking along until he found a wee bit more trouble in the 6th inning.  Buchholz gave up a solo shot to Albert Pujols.  Buchholz then issued a walk and an RBI double to Kendrick.  Sox 5-4.  Buchholz issued another walk and it looked like the wheels might be coming off, however he got the out he needed and got out of the inning.  Buchholz pitched a scoreless 7th inning and was done for the night.  Clay’s pitching line was 109 pitches, 7 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 3 BB and 5 Ks.  Alfredo Aceves was on for the 8th inning and for that inning he looked spectacular.  Aceves looked like he was trying to send a message in the 8th that he wanted his job back.  He had himself an impressive 1-2-3 inning.  Unfortunately the 9th inning would send a message all on its own.  Aceves got the first out, however that would be the last out he would record.  The umpire said that Aceves hit Aybar and sent him to first base.  Let’s be clear that the ball didn’t even get close to hitting Aybar.  I hate to see a ball call effect a game, however Aceves also didn’t get the outs he needed.  Aceves issued a walk to Callaspo.  The Angels had 2 guys on and Mike Trout at the plate.  Trout does what he does so well and hit an RBI single to tie the game.  The game was ended when Hunter hit a sac fly to center field and the Angels walked off in the 9th. 


Red Sox 5 Angels 6 BOXSCORE