Aceves Suspended for 3 Games

The Red Sox announced today that Alfredo Aceves has been suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team.”   There were tweets last night that Aceves was livid that he was not sent to the mound in the 9th in a save situation and that Bobby V went with Bailey for a 4 out save.  It came out of the clubhouse that Aceves had an intense conversation with Bobby V that ended up with him slamming his office door on the way out. 

Today it is reported that Aceves asked for a meeting with Ben Cherington and was denied and then went missing for a period of time.  It was reported he came back and was informed at that time that he was suspended for 3 games.  All of this extra information was from the twitter acount of Louise Cornetta of ESPN.

I remember rumblings when Aceves was with the Yankees that one of the main concerns was that he was difficult to control and maintain.  We’ve seen the craziness of Aceves from time to time, but this is the first time that we’ve been made aware of just how much of an issue it can be.  I’m still a firm believer that if you can control his crazy then he is an incredibly valuable piece of the team.  However, if you can’t then he is just a crazy man.


Update: Aceves also tore off his jersey before storming into Valentine’s office.