A-Gon Gone?

This morning the L.A Times reported that the Dodgers were still interested in acquiring Adrian Gonzalez from the Red Sox. Now, it is reported that the Dodgers have claimed Adrian Gonzalez off of waivers and are working on a blockbuster trade including Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto. There is no word on what the Red Sox would be receiving outside of salary space. If that doesn’t work out, here are some other options that could make sense.

1. Dodgers claim Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett off of waivers. Red Sox comply: The Dodgers already have apparently claimed Josh Beckett of waivers, so the Red Sox could let them claim both and walk away. This deal lets us clear lots of cap space and not part with Carl Crawford.

2. Adrian Gonzalez traded for prospects: The Red Sox pull Josh Beckett off of waivers and work out a trade for Gonzalez. This deal wouldn’t let us trim as much cap space, but would let us get something back for Gonzalez. Dodgers prospects include P Zach Lee and OF Alfredo Silverio.

3. Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford traded for Jerry Sands and James Loney: This trade allows for the Red Sox to cut lots of cap space and get (a little) something back in return. James Loney would be a (barely) serviceable starter until a replacement is found and Jerry Sands puts some depth in the outfield.

4. Dodgers trade Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Nick Punto, and Carl Crawford for James Loney, Mark Ellis, and prospects: This is the rumored trade, with my projections for what we could be getting back. This trade allows us to cut an unbelievable amount of cap space and receive some starting caliber players to use in the mean time.

The Red Sox front office made some questionable decisions last year and we’re choosing to cut our losses sooner rather than later. We aren’t going to get quality trades, so we’ll have to swallow our pride and hope this cap space helps the Red Sox return to form in a few years.