Beckett Loses to His Former Club

Josh Beckett took the mound against his former club for the first time and ended up coming away with a loss.  Beckett had a shaky first two innings and then settled down nicely.  However, the damage was already done against a pitcher as good as Josh Johnson. 

Beckett ended up allowed 3 runs to score in the 1st inning.  Beckett gave up a leadoff triple to Reyes to begin the game and was scored on a Solano sac fly.  Sox 0-1.  Beckett gave up 2 more runs on a Morrison double and a Sanchez single.  Beckett didn’t look good and almost all the hits went to RF and showed how Gonzo has a good arm for first base, but not necessarily for right field.  Sox 0-3.  Beckett allowed one more run to score in the 2nd with a Solano single to score Buck.  Sox 0-4.  After the 2nd, Beckett came out and looked like a different pitcher.  Beckett retired the next 13 batters in order before he walked John Buck in the 7th.  Beckett pitched 7 strong innings, but was unable to get out from behind the poor first 2 innings.  Beckett’s line for the night was 97 pitches, 7 IP, 6 H, 4 R, 1 BB, 5 Ks.  Beckett was followed by Mark Melancon with his first outing since being recalled from AAA.  Melancon pitched himself a nice 1-2-3 inning.

The Red Sox offense was again was missing in action.  The only guy who had a good night at the plate was Scott Podsednik who went 3 for 4.  The Sox only got one run on the night which was a Gonzo sac fly in the 6th to score Scott Podsednik.  Salty, Papi and Youk all went 0 for 4.  It’s hard to even have a chance to win when all three of those guys give you nothing. 

The Sox have now lost 4 games straight and are 6.5 games back in the AL East.  If the Sox have a run in them, they had better get to it and fast.

Red Sox 1  Marlins 4  BOXSCORE

WP: Johnson (4-4)  LP: Beckett (4-7)  SV: Bell (13)