Bye Bye Bobby V.

Your long Red Sox Nation nightmare is almost over.  The Red Sox will fire manager Bobby Valentine this week.  Bobby Valentine does not deserve all of the blame for the last place finish but he does have his share. 

I called this disaster when they said they were interviewing Valentine last November.  He was simply not the right fit for the team and exacerbated the problems.

On his way out the door Valentine took a shot at his coaching staff:

Asked by Glenn Ordway if he felt the Red Sox’ coaching staff and those around him have been loyal to him during the course of the season, Valentine responded, “No.”

Asked why, Valentine said, “You asked me what I feel. That’s what I feel.”

Ordway then followed up by asking if he felt he was undermined by them, to which Valentine responded “Yes.” Asked why, Valentine again said, “[It’s] just what I feel.”

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