Player Quotes About Varitek


“He showed me how to be a player with honesty, hard work and integrity without ever having to say one word.”

– Jonathan Papelbon


“He taught me how to be a leader & showed me how to be a champion… It was a honor and a pleasure to have been his teammate.”

– Johnny Damon


“In my 23 years of professional baseball I never played with or against a more selfless and prepared player than Jason Varitek.”

– Curt Schilling


”I’ve always admired the way Jason played the game, and I appreciated the opportunity I had to get to know him throughout the years.”

– Derek Jeter


“His first care was that his teammates succeeded even before himself. I have never seen a player so prepared for every game.”

– Mike Timlin


“Although his leadership will be missed, his legacy in Red Sox history will be forged forever.”

– Tim Wakefield


“Tek was hands down one of the best teammates I ever had… he was a true captain in every sense of the word.”

– Mike Lowell