Red Sox and Papi Agree to a 2 Year Deal

David Ortiz

It is being widely reported that the Red Sox and David Ortiz have agreed to a 2 year deal for $26 million dollars.  The deal also is reported to have incentives worth about 4 million dollars, so Papi could be walking away with 30 mil by the end of 2014.

While by the standards of DHs this deal would make Papi more than overpaid, I could personally not be more happy with this deal.  I think David Ortiz is well worth the money.  In my opinion, Ortiz was one thing in a long list for the Red Sox that needed to get done.  Papi is not only the face of the francise, but he was having himself a career year before he got injured in 2012.  David Ortiz is also someone who is known to be a leader in the clubhouse and I’ve heard we are in need of those types these days.

So…Papi is here to stay.  Now on to the other things on the Red Sox to do list.