Sox Get A Win Amid Trade Talk

While everyone was talking about the blockbuster trade and if and when it was going to happen, the Red Sox took the mound and actually ended their losing streak.  Jon Lester took the mound for the Sox and there was the much needed return of David Ortiz.  

Lester took the mound and hoped to build on his last few outings.  Lester was given a couple of runs in the bottom of the 1st.  Ciriaco and Ellsbury singled and then Pedroia moved them both over into scoring position.  David Ortiz heard a huge ovation as he made his way back to the batters box.  With one pitch, Papi sent a ball into CF and scored both Ciriaco and Ells.  Sox 2-0.  Papi was limping, but still hitting.  Lester gave the lead away in the 3rd when he gave up a solo HR to Hosmer and then an RBI double to Gordon.  Sox 2-2.  In the 4th, Lester gave up an RBI single to Giovotella to give the Royals their first lead.  However, Lester just kept trucking along and pitching well.  In the bottom of the 7th, the Sox finally had Lester’s back and gave him the lead back.  Gomez walked, Aviles singled and then Podsednik moved them over into scoring position.  Ciriaco came up and hit a 2 run RBI double to score Gomez and Aviles.  Sox 4-3.  Nice. 

Lester came out in the 8th, but wouldn’t last a batter.  Lester pulled at his hamstring and Bobby V came out to get him.  It looked like either a muscle cramp or a hamstring pull.  Lester left the mound putting in a nice pitching performance once again.  With Beckett all but good, we need Lester to be good and healthy now more than ever.  Lester’s line for the night was 96 itches, 7 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 4 BB and 6 Ks.  Bobby V went batter by batter and finished the 8th with Padilla, Miller and then Bailey.  In the 9th, Bobby V sent Bailey back out there and he recorded his first save of the season.  Reports came out of the clubhouse that Aceves was livid he was passed over for the save opportunity.  The fact that Aceves allowed 5 runs to score the night before and then refused to accept responsibility for it might have something to do with it.  I have a feeling that we will be seeing Bailey a lot more often when the Sox are in save situations. 

Another good story with some nervousness is Papi.  He had a great night at the plate.  He hit the RBI single and then also hit himself a nice double.  However, he also is still playing through the injury and pain.  He was hobbling and limping out there.  If he is able to play through it…great, but I am not betting on it. 

Red Sox Win!  The water is dirty!  Let’s see if we can do it tomorrow…you know, whoever is pitching for us. 

Red Sox 4 Royals 3 BOXSCORE