Rays Sweep Sox in Day Night Doubleheader

The Sox forced the doubleheader yesterday and in hindsight they might have wanted to give the Rays what they wanted and only play one game.  Here is a quick recap of each game that was played yesterday.

Game 1: 1:05pm.

Jake Peavy was the starting pitcher for the Sox and he had a strong performance, but little to no run support.  The Sox scored a single run in the bottom of the 1st, but it would be their downfall that they had an opportunity and didn’t get more than just one run.  Gomes hit an RBI single to center to score Pedey.  The Sox had the bases loaded, but left them that way.  The Rays tied it up in the 3rd when Peavy gave up a homer to DeJesus.  Sox 1-1.  The Rays were able to take the lead in the 4th when Peavy got uncharacteristically wild and ended up walking in a run.  Sox 1-2.  The most talked about play of the game was the controversial play at home.  In the bottom of the 7th, Papi hit a double and Pedey tried to score from 1st base.  The umps calls Pedey out and then the Sox asked for it to be reviewed.  The umps stayed with out and the Sox left enraged and continuously frustrated with the replay system.  The Sox were never able to tie the game or take the lead and dropped the first game of the series.

Red Sox 1  Rays 2  BOXSCORE

Game 2:  7:10pm

The second game had Felix Doubront on the mound who has struggled more often than not during the first month of the season.  Felix didn’t pitch a spectacular game, but he did leave the mound with a chance for a win, but the bullpen would let the Sox down, which has been a rarity these days.  Doubront gave up a single run in the 2nd inning when he gave up an RBI single to Loney and then gave up a run in the 3rd inning when Jennings hit a homerun to the Monster.  Sox 0-2.  It wasn’t looking good for the Sox, but then the offense came alive in the 5th inning and scored 5 runs.  Victorino was hit by a pitch to bring in the Sox’s first run, Papi hit a 2 run RBI single, Napoli hit an RBI single and then Sizemore hit an RBI single of his own.  Sox 5-2.  The Sox seemed to have new life.  Doubront gave 2 of those runs right back when he gave up a towering HR to Rodriguez.  Sox 5-4.  The Rays tied the game in the 8th inning when Tazawa gave up an RBI single to Loney.  Sox 5-5.  The Rays took the lead in the 9th in one of those rare moments when Koji Uehara was human and gave up a solo HR to Escobar.  The Sox had a runner on 3rd with one out in the bottom of the 9th, but the Sox weren’t able to get the run home and dropped two games in the span of about 10 hours.

Red Sox 5  Rays 6  BOXSCORE