Sox Blow Early Lead and Lose 7th Straight

The Red Sox have been floundering for most of this season and came into yesterday’s game on the heels of 6 straight losses and a huge blown save from Koji Uehara.  Yesterday it would be Brandon Workman on the mound and he would do well for 3 innings, but then just fall apart in the 4th inning allowing the Mariners to just coast to victory.  Along the way there was some drama with hit batters and then David Ross being ejected.

The Red Sox got to the scoreboard first, but their lead would not last.  The scored a single run in the 1st when Cespedes hit a sac fly to bring Holt to the plate.  The Sox grabbed another run in the 2nd when Ross hit an RBI double to score Mookie Betts.  The Sox scored their 3rd and final run of the game in the 3rd inning when Napoli hit a sac fly to score Cespedes from 3rd.  At this point it looked like everything was going the Red Sox’ way.

Unfortunately for the Sox the 4th inning would not be in their favor.  Brandon Workman took to the mound and the wheels just fell off the inning and the game.  The Mariners scored their first run when Denorfia hit an RBI double to score Morales.  That was followed by Taylor hitting an RBI single and then Denorfia scoring on a wild pitch from Workman to tie the game.  The inning was far from over though.  Sucre hit an RBI single to put the Mariners on top and then the inning was topped off by Ackley hitting a 3 run homerun to right to have the Mariners leading 7-3.  Workman was done and Alex Wilson was in the game, but the damage had already been done.  The Sox were now in a hole that they wouldn’t be able to dig themselves out of.

Alex Wilson once again showed how he is increasingly becoming more valuable to the bullpen by coming in and putting up some scoreless innings.  Wilson got the 2 outs we needed in the 4th and then pitched two more scoreless innings.  In the bottom of the 6th is when some of the drama of the game bubbled up.  Mariners pitched hit David Ortiz in his left arm and he doubled over in pain.  Ortiz stayed in the game, but it was clear he was hurting.  Papi was constantly rubbing his forearm as he moved along the bases.  In the following at bat a ball would go up and in to Cespedes and that caused a sea of boos from the crowd.  While neither of these pitches seemed intentionally, it set up a tense feeling to the game.

In the top of the 7th Alex Wilson went back on the mound to continue his effort of taking one for the team and taking it well.  Wilson got one out and the Robinson Cano stepped to the plate.  Wilson plunked Cano right in the backside and Cano paused for a moment and slowed made his way to first.  Both sides were warned and then Wilson finished the inning and his performance for the night.  I can’t say enough about Alex Wilson and what a difference he made in the game, for a game that the Sox would end up losing by a wide margin.  Junichi Tazawa came out to pitch a scoreless 8th and then the drama would continue in the bottom of the inning.  David Ross came to the plate and thought he got what was ball four and was heading to 1st base.  The first base ump signaled that Ross went around and that it was strike three.  Ross basically lost it and yelled a lot of words I can’t type at the 1st base ump.  Farrell came out and tried to quell the situation, but Ross wasn’t hearing it and was ejected.  Once he was ejected he kept circling the other umpires trying to get to Carapazza trying to “make his point.”  This was the first career ejection for Ross and for someone who is well known as being a calm and usually nice, funny guy.  I think it all just got a little too much for Ross and it all came flying out.  Jeepers man.  The game finished off with Burke Badenhop pitching a scoreless 9th and the Sox never being able to crack the scoreboard after the 3rd inning.  The Sox can’t seem to be able to buy a win lately, but we’ll all cross our fingers and our toes that they have better luck tomorrow.

Red Sox 3  Mariners 7  BOXSCORE

WP: Wilhelmsen (2-2)  LP: Workman (1-8)