Sox Lose Lead Again En Route to 8th Straight Loss

At this point I am almost grotesquely curious at how long this losing streak can last. What will be the magic elixir that will bring it to an end? In each of the games with the Mariners the Sox had the lead at least once, however when the 9 innings came and went the Sox would be looking down the barrel of a loss each and ever time. This time the Sox had Allen Webster on the mound and he just wasn’t able to capitalize when the Sox offense made up for his poor first inning and gave him the lead. The day also saw David Ortiz leave the game for the 2nd straight time with an injury, this time with a ball fouled off his foot.

The Mariners went out to a 3-0 lead in the first and it looked like it might be a bust of a start from Webster from the go.  Webster gave up 3 RBI singles, one to Morales, one to Seager and one to Morrison.  Fortunately the Mariners starter had just as much trouble and at the end of the 1st the game would end up being tied.  The Sox scored in the bottom of the inning when Cespedes hit an RBI single and then Middlebrooks hit a 2 run RBI single.  Sox 3-3.  New ball game.  In the 3rd inning the Sox were even able to take the lead and chase the Mariners starter from the game.  The Sox got the go ahead run when Napoli hit an RBI groundout and then got another run when Middlebrooks hit an RBI double.  It was a nice game at the plate for Will Middlebrooks, win or lose.  Webster gave one of those runs right back when Denorfia hit a sac fly to score Seager.  Sox 5-4.  It was in the 5th inning that Webster not only allowed the Mariners to tie the game, but gave them the lead.  Webster allowed an RBI triple to Ackley and a sac fly to Miller to have the Mariners up 6-5.  The Mariners got an insurance run in the 8th which it would turn out that they needed.  Tommy Layne allowed an RBI single to Seager to have the Mariners up 7-5.  In the bottom of the 8th the Sox would get that run right back Kelly Johnson hit an RBI double.  Sox 6-7.  In the seesaw of a game the Mariners got their insurance run right back in the top of the 9th when Mujica allowed an RBI double to Miller.  The Mariners sent their closer Fernando Rodney to the mound and while he struggled to get the 3 outs he needed and ended up loading the bases full of Red Sox, he was able to get that 3rd out and secure the win and the sweep for his team.

Red Sox 6  Mariners 8  BOXSCORE

WP: Leone (7-2)  LP: Webster (3-2)  SV: Rodney (38)