Ryan Dempster’s Loss

Ryan Dempster's  announcement that he will not pitch in 2014 didn't cause any particlular outcry from writers and fans. First of all, Dempster is nearly 37 years old. Second, he was considered the number 5 man in the rotation in 2013. His stats seem very average- an 8-9 mark in 29 starts and a 4.57 […]

Sox 99 – Still About Clemens

The story about Roger Clemens moving to the Yankees was one which would not easily go away. Dan Shaughnessy  already had made lots of money on the Curse of the Bambino, a book which basically told the story of the failings of the Sox since 1920. Not surprisingly, the Clemens defection provided fodder for Shaughnsessy […]

Capuano Passes Physical

Chris Capuano is now an official member of the Red Sox after passing a physical.  He was signed to a one-year $2.25 million deal after Ryan Dempster announced he would not pitch in the upcoming season.   Capuano started 20 games for the Dodgers last season and went 4-7 with an ERA of 4.26.

Pierzynski Takes Over

One of the few newcomers on the Sox as they go for their World Series defense is the catching spot. It opened when Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who had perhaps his best season in the majors in 2013, signed a three-year, $21 million contract with Miami over the winter. To replace Salty, the Sox brought in 37-year-old […]

Sox 99 – Clemens a Yankee

Fifteen years ago this week, headlines blared: "Latest Insult: Clemens a Yankee." Already down in the estimation of Sox fans, Roger committed the worst indignity possible- defecting to the Evil Empire. Bad enough that he went to Toronto and won two more Cy Youngs. Now he was contributing another chapter to the Curse. The Jays […]

Dempster Out For ’14 Season

Ryan Dempster told reporters that he would sit out the 2014 season citing his neck injury.  He felt he would not be able to pitch at the level he needed to with his  physical limitations.  The Red Sox have five solid starters in their rotation but will need to have an insurance starter for the […]

Sox Move on Without Drew

The Red Sox are ready to have Xander Bogaerts as their starting shortstop and seem to be moving on from Stephen Drew.  John Farrell made it seem like the Red Sox had turned the page: I can tell you the conversations with Xander to date have been to focus on shortstop. If that needs to […]

Mo Vaughn Part 2

On the baseball side, the Sox rewarded newcomer superstars Pedro Martinez and Nomar Garciaparra with huge long-term contracts. Insider Peter Gammons felt  in the summer of 98 that a deal with Vaughn was being worked out- four years for $42 million. But when the contract was presented to Mo, it was two years and $17 […]

The ’05 Championship Defense

About a month ago, I wrote a piece called "The Last Championship Defense". It talked about the 08 season, and how the Red Sox might have repeated as World Champions had the Devil Rays, as they were then called, not exploded from nowhere to take the AL East with 97 wins. Tampa then continued their […]

Quote of the Day

I think what we conquered last year might be more difficult than defending a title, when you not only have to prove everyone wrong, but possibly prove people real close to the organization wrong, it was like every single game was like a job interview. -Jonny Gomes on the upcoming season.

SOX 99- Mo Vaughn (Part 1)

The mid-February departure of the Red Sox equipment truck from Fenway bound for Florida has always been a pivotal event. It shows that spring training is close, and hot-stove league talk will soon become talk about the coming season. 1999 was no exception.   In an article entitled "Questions surround the Sox", the Globe's Gordon […]

Bradley Jr and Sizemore – A Sox Dilemma

Item from Nick Cafardo's Sunday Baseball Page: "Updates- Grady Sizemore CF Red Sox- As we reported last week, the Red Sox loved Sizemore's speed and explosion during workouts, but what's left unsaid is how he will react to playing on a daily basis again. This is a tricky roster spot. If Sizemore wins the CF […]

David Ortiz Extension

The news that David Ortiz is looking for a multiyear contract from the Sox evoked reaction from several sources. In his ever-direct way, the Globe's Dan Shaughnessy praises Papi ans "the greatest DH in baseball history", but also calls the request "tone-deaf, selfish, and offensive". It does not help that Ortiz is saying things like […]

Sox 99 – More Duquette Talk

As the 98-99 offseason wound into February, writers and fans continued to find fault with the regime of Sox GM Dan Duquette. Peter Gammons, who liked to refer to Fenway as Yawkey Tower, roasted the Duke again in his Sunday Baseball column.   "As Duquette's fifth anniversary with the Red Sox passes," he wrote. "one of the […]

Jon Lester- A Big Decision

A year from now, the Red Sox will have to make a decision even more important than the Jacoby Ellsbury issue. It will be the fate of their big, strong, lefty hurler from Tacoma, Washington named Jon Lester.   Nick Cafardo writes that Ben Cherington will "look at everything on a case-by-case basis. The decision […]