Sox Announce Farrell Will Be Back; Lovullo Will Remain As Bench Coach

John Farrell hasn’t been with the team as the Manager for most of the 2nd half of the season as he has been recovering from Stage 1 Lymphoma.  Sox bench coach Torey Lovullo has been with the team an Interim Manager during this time.  There has been a lot of speculation as the season is […]

Sox Get Swept By Indians to End The Season

The Red Sox came into the final game of the season in 2o15 with Rick Porcello on the mound vs. Danny Salazar for the Indians.  The Sox were hoping for a win to not be swept out of 2015.  The Sox got the first run, but the Indians scored last and sent the Sox packing […]

Sox Drop Another Game To The Indians As Season Draws To A Close

The Red Sox faced off against the Indians once again as the season winds down.  Both teams are not going anywhere in the playoffs, so it is just playing it out at this point.  The Sox decided to tap Craig Breslow once again as a starter in a bullpen game vs. Kluber for the Indians. […]

Indians Take Down Sox in Series Opener

The Red Sox have 3 more game left for the season.  With the loss against the Yankees, the Sox can no longer hope to finish at 500, however they can show their potential moving into 2016.  The Sox took to the mound with rookie Henry Owens on the mound vs. Josh Tomlin for the Indians. […]

Yankees Win Final Game in the Series

The Red Sox had been a thorn in the side of the Yankees all series long, not allowing them the ability to clinch a wild card game by continuing to not allow them to win.  The Sox would try once again with Rich Hill on the mound vs. CC Sabathia for the Yankees.  Hill gave […]

Mookie Betts Is The One To Homer Twice In Sox Win Over Yanks!

The Red Sox came into their 3rd game of the series with the Yankees rocking a 5 game winning streak.  It is the longest streak the Sox have had in 2015 and they were hoping to bring that streak to 6 games.  The Sox had Wade Miley on the mound vs. Tanaka for the Yankees. […]

Blake Swihart Homers Twice In Win Over Yanks

The Red Sox came into last night’s game rocking a 4 game winning streak.  If they were able to win then they would go to a season long 5 game streak.  The Yankees are trying to clinch a spot in the playoffs, but the Sox have to be content to just play spoiler and make […]

Eduardo Rodriguez Gets 10th Win in Series Opener With Yankees

The Red Sox only have a week left in the season and they are spending 4 of those days in the Bronx facing off with the Yankees.  The Yankees are looking to lock up a wild card spot, but to do that last night they would have had to beat the Red Sox.  The Yankees […]

Sox Sweep O’s in Final Game at Fenway

The Red Sox came into the final game of the season at Fenway Park looking to sweep the Orioles.  The Sox had rookie Henry Owens on the mound vs. Ubaldo Jimenez for the Orioles.  The Sox offense got out to an early lead and that is all that Owens would need as he kept the […]

Sox Bullpen Blanks O’s

The Red Sox decided to take on the Orioles on Saturday afternoon without a usual starter.  The Sox tapped reliever Craig Breslow to start the game and then to piece it together down the stretch.  Given the bullpen trouble this season, it seemed like a risky move, but it worked.  The Orioles couldn’t scratch a […]

Rich Hill Pitches Complete Game Shutout & Mookie Betts Ends Game In Style!

The Red Sox have their last series at home of the 2015 season.  The Sox aren’t going anywhere in October this season, but have shown a lot of promise down the stretch, particularly with their young stars.  Rich Hill took to the mound as a starter at Fenway for the first time in his career. […]

Sox Lose to Rays Again in Series Finale

The Red Sox came into the final game of the series hoping for a win to at least split the series with the Rays.  The Sox had Wade Miley on the mound vs. Erasmo Ramirez for the Rays.  The Sox got out to an early lead, but the Rays rallied late and came away with […]

Sox Lose Against Rays; Stay in the Basement in the AL East

The Red Sox took to the field against the Rays once again in a battle for who is the worst in the AL East.  The Sox had Rick Porcello on the mound vs. Drew Smyly for the Rays.  It was a battle of the former Tigers and in this instance Smyly would end up coming […]

Owens Can’t Get A Win For Sox Against Rays

The Red Sox faced off with the Rays again in a battle of who is the worst in the AL East.  The Sox had rookie Henry Owens on the mound and the Rays had Matt Moore toeing the rubber for them.  Owens got out to an early lead, but he wasn’t able to hold on […]

Bogaerts Hit A Grand Slam To Bring Sox To Victory

The Red Sox came home to face off against the Tampa Bay Rays for 3 games.  The Sox and the Rays have been battling to try to not be in last place in the AL East.  The Rays started the game a half a game ahead of the Sox, so the outcome of the game […]

Sox Win To Take Series From Blue Jays

The Red Sox and the Blue Jays faced off for the final time in 2016.  The Sox sent Rich Hill to the mound vs. Mark Buehrle for the Jays.  The Jays scored first, but the Sox offense got the last laugh in the later innings when they took the lead and grab the series win. […]

Sox Rally Late to Take Game From the Jays

The Red Sox came into the game hoping to play spoiler down the stretch against the Blue Jays.  The Sox sent Wade Miley to the mound vs. knuckleballer R.A. Dickey.  The game stayed scoreless for a while and then seesawed back and forth before the Sox went ahead in the 9th.  The Jays almost rallied […]

Sox Offense Can’t Help Porcello in Loss in Blue Jays Opener

The Red Sox headed north to face off with the Blue Jays in a 3 game series.  The Jays are in a hunt in the AL East to win the division while the Red Sox are just trying to show what they have down the stretch.  The Sox had Rick Porcello on the mound vs. […]

Sox Offense Goes to Town to Win Final Game of Series With O’s

The Sox had lost the first two games of the series with the Orioles and came into the final game of the series just hoping to not be swept.  The Sox had rookie Henry Owens on the mound vs. Mike Wright for the O’s.  The Sox offense got going early and often in an easy […]

It Takes Sox 13 Innings to Lose Another Game to the O’s

The Sox came into the 2nd game of the series with the O’s looking for a win with Joe Kelly on the mound.  If Kelly got the win it would be his 9th consecutive win in a row.  Unfortunately for Kelly he gave 3 runs in the 3rd inning and then left with an injury. […]