Papi being Manny?

Big Papi blew a head gasket tonight in Baltimore over a high and outside pitch that should have been called ball 4 , but was called a strike. Fenway Refugees reports that when he struck out 2 pitches later, he had some choice words for home plate umpire Tim Timmons, who tossed the big guy […]

Ray of light in the darkness

In these new times of terror and vigilance we live in, it is always like a ray of light in the darkness when we hear and read accounts of heroic deeds such as Bostonians running towards the Marathon explosions rather than away from to help casualties, or Marathon runners continuing running two miles past the […]

Mitt Romney invested in the Yankees

From The Daily Kos: [A]ccording to his 2007 financial disclosure forms, Romney—who claims to be a Red Sox fan—was invested in the Yankees Entertainment and Sports Network, the broadcast arm of the New York Yankees corporate empire. As the anchor says at the end of this clip from 2007, “You never know until you look […]

Fire at Fenway

Mike McDermott of The Providence Journal reports that: A fire broke out in a mailroom at Fenway Park this morning and caused $100,000 worth of damage — mostly caused by the water that was used to put the fire out — the Boston Fire Department announced today. There were no injuries.

The Unsexiest Men of 2011

The Boston Phoenix published their annual Unsexiest Men list, and 3 current Red Sox, 1 former Red Sox, and 3 Red Sox advertising gnomes made the 2011 edition.   The winners: #77 Manny Ramirez #62 Furniture Guys: Bob, Bernie, Jordan #29 John Henry #9 John Lackey & Josh Beckett

Bobby Valentine: “I hate the Yankees.”

I didn’t know a whole lot about Bobby V., so when I read on ESPN that he said, “I hate the Yankees,” I thought that he’s going to be media darling, but can he manage? So I checked in with a long-time Mets fan friend of mine, and this is what he had to say […]

Box Score From the Past (09.10.99)

  Pedro Martinez has just announced his retirement. He is arguably the best pitcher that ever donned red hose, and to honor him this week, BSFTP goes back to a great day in history (for more than 1 reason) to the day he fanned 17 Yankees, allowing only 1 hit, no walks, no balks, no […]

Box Score From the Past (08.01.1962)

  Bill Monboquette tossed a no-hiiter for the Red Sox on August 1, 1962 against the Chicago White Sox. The Red Sox line-up in 1962 included Yaz LF (.291 BA, .844 OPS), Jim Pagliaroni C, (.292, .892), Pete Runnels 1B (.333, .903), and Lou Clinton RF (.295, .928) in the heart of the order. With […]

Box Score From The Past (07.27.65)

BSFTP goes back to 1965 when Jim ‘Catfish’ Hunter won his 1st MLB game at Fenway Park. Hunter was signed by the Kansas City Athletics in 1964 and made his MLB debut the next season. He spent 15 years in the bigs, winning 18+ games 6 seasons in a row. In 2 of those seasons, […]

Box Score From The Past (09.28.11)

This off season’s inaugural edition of BSFTP doesn’t delve too far into the past. I’m going right to the heart of disappointment. I want to get this one out of the way ASAP- September 28, 2011. To describe this one as the ‘heart of disappointment’ might be a bit of an understatement. The Red Sox […]

Box Scores From The Past 2011-2012

“Box Scores From The Past” will be returning soon this off season. Due to equal parts shock, protesting Wall Street, old age, therapy, and conditioning; yeah, that’s it- conditioning; I was totally unprepared to resume posting BSFTP this early. Be watching starting around the 1st Monday of November. If there is a particular game that […]

“Moneyball” the movie

“Moneyball” the book is one of the greatest baseball books out there and is now a movie starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane. Beane must figure a way to put together a championship team in 2002 after winning 102 games in 2001 and losing 3 key players to free agency. Beane embraces Jamesian computer-generated analysis […]

Book Review: “Knuckler” by Tim Wakefield (with Tony Massarotti)

“Knuckler” is the biography of Tim Wakefield, longtime Boston Red Sox knuckleball pitcher, written by Wakefield with Tony Massarotti. It tells a great story of his progression from his backyard in Melbourne, FL, fiddling with the pitch in high school and college, and through the 2010 season. Wakefield has experienced a number of highs and […]

WEEI Telethon San Francisco area game watching parties

August 30th and 31st are the dates of this year’s WEEI Annual Telethon: Each year, Boston Red Sox and Jimmy Fund fans across the country team up to help us strike out cancer! By hosting viewing parties at bars and homes all over America, these dedicated supporters are helping to spread the word about the […]

Curses! Foiled again! (Sox win)

Tim Wakefield was thwarted yet again in his quest for his 200th MLB win tonight in Minnesota despite allowing only 3 earned runs in 7 innings pitched. He struck out 4 Twins and did not walk any. Alfredo picked up a BS, but also earned the win. Papelbon pitched a 1-2-3- 9th inning. Offensively, the […]

More A-Rod Shenanigans

Strippers, steroids, and now stuff for your nose and stogies at a poker game. Well, he’s not being accused of snorting cocaine or smoking cigars, but in a story from ESPN, he was in attendance at an illegal poker game in Miami in which he lost a large sum of money, and in which cocaine […]

No, this can’t be! No way! PITTSBURGH?!

I went to take a look at the MLB standings and had to clean the screen after the spittake when I saw this:       PITTSBURGH IS IN 1ST PLACE! I had to check the calendar, yes this is July, not January 19th, there were no white lines around me when I woke up, […]