Sox 88

  Behind strong pitching and timely hitting, the Sox were flying high in late April, though a couple of blips were appearing. Roger Clemens, starting almost as strongly as in 86, took care of the Tigers in the opener of a series in Detroit by a 7-3 margin. Sox bats reached Bengals ace Jack Morris […]

Clay Buchholz – Ready for a Breakout – Finally

Clay Buchholz has been nearly perfect so far. After Monday's 113-pitch performance, he has given up only 9 hits in 14 innings, walked 6 and fanned 12  with a microscopic ERA of 0.64. Along with Jon Lester, he has given the top of the Sox rotation a huge boost. With John Lackey injured again and […]

Sox 67 – Firing of Sal Maglie

In the late fall of 67, there weren’t many positive headlines in the Globe. 500,000 Americans were fighting in Vietnam, with no end in sight. Campuses were exploding everywhere. At Harvard, 245 protesters were placed on probation or given warnings for their part in “imprisoning” a campus recruiter in late October. On the Red Sox […]

Dustin Pedroia – Solution or Problem

In the space of only one year, Dustin Pedroia has gone from being one of the most popular Sox players to an enigma. But on this young and rebuilding team, he should provide leadership by performance and attitude. Right now, unfortunately, that is questionable. Pedroia’s first five seasons with the Sox showed Hall of Fame […]

Sox 67

As a teenaged Sox fan in 67, I have a confession to make. I wish the Sox had lost game 6 at Fenway on October 11. That way, many of us rooters would have been spared the belief-24 hours long-that the Impossible Dream could be totally fulfilled. There would be many other disappointments, of course, […]

Give Farrell a Chance

John Farrell is here, and already the negative talk has begun. Pitching coaches make bad managers. He was part of the problem in the Sox decline after 07. His record in Toronto was 154-170. This is a big moment in Red Sox history. Their image right now is that of a laughingstock- three managers in […]

Sox 67

The weekend of October 7 and 8 was pretty much a lost one for the Cardiac Kids, as the Cardinals pitching depth became apparent. St Louis made short work of Sox starters Gary Bell and Jose Santiago in 5-2 and 6-0 lacings, putting Boston on the brink of losing in 5 games. Before 50,000 in […]

Why Not Tony Pena?

Are the Sox ready for a minority manager? You bet they are. Hiring a Hispanic or African-American skipper should put to rest the last vestiges of the team’s reputation of racism. When younger fans hear about the “good-old-boy” image of the Sox, they probably think of the 40’s and 50’s and the presence of alleged […]

Sox 67

For some reason, the 67 World Series occupies a small space on the “Impossible Dream” 33 1/3 disk. But the seven-game showdown was anything but anticlimactic. Sox fans did not want to stop with a pennant-they wanted to be World Champions. Even then, it had been a long time-49 years to be exact- since a […]

Ben Cherington-In Search of an Identity

After one year of seeing him as Sox GM, I have to say that Ben Cherington does not impress me. His credentials seem positive. Like his three immediate predecessors, Cherington is a native New Englander-born in New Hampshire, graduating from Amherst College and picking up a Masters in Sports Management from UMass. He was originally […]

Sox 67

The best description in the Globe about The Weekend’s climax come from the literate and sometimes controversial writer Bud Collins: “As the ball came down in Rico Petrocelli’s glove for the last-and-final out, the town went up in the air like a beautiful balloon. Perhaps it will never come down….for an instant Petrocelli looked at […]

Rebuilding – Where will it lead?

Rebuilding. That is not a term often used when referring to the Red Sox. Yet with the August trade, Sox rooters will have to accept the fact that the club is at that stage. On Monday night in New York, six players in the  lineup had started the season at Pawtucket. I’m not sure the […]

Sox 67

In the eight days leading up to The Weekend in 67, the Sox definitely did not play like pennant winners. They did not even play like a .500 team. In losing 4 of 6 to the lowly Orioles in Baltimore and lowlier Indians at Fenway, the team almost blew their pennant chances. They were helped […]

Daisuke – A Sad Farewell

It is ironic that Daisuke Matsuzaka will probably start the final game of this unhappy Red Sox season. Since the Sox will not re-sign him and it is unlikely that any other club will pick him up, it will be an unhappy ending to his career in American baseball. Long before the team signed him […]

Sox 67

One of the outstanding aspects of the 67 Sox was their ability to bounce back quickly form adversity. After being swept at home for the first time all season, the Impossible Dreamers went to Detroit and Cleveland and took four tough contests. The Orioles were 1966 World Champions, but spent most of the 67 season […]

Dustin Pedroia – time to step up

2012 may have been Dustin Pedroia’s most difficult in the majors. At age 28, he seems at a real crossroads in his career. Pedroia’s first five seasons showed he had Hall of Fame potential. After a slow start,he rocketed onto the scene in 2007 with a .317 average including 39 doubles, 8 homers and 50 […]

Sox 67

Many times in their history Red Sox squads have missed postseason play by failing to win games against inferior teams. This was not happening in early September 67, as the Cardiac Kids swept through the Senators, Yankees and Athletics to stay near the top of the AL’s four-team race. Behind the success, however, came ominous […]

John Lackey and Redemption

John Lackey. The very name has become a symbol to Red Sox fans, a symbol of the dark pall that has overtaken the once-beloved team. I myself have been guilty of it. When writing about a possible Sox pitching prospect, I referred to the hurler’s ERA as “Lackeyesque”.; Of course, it wasn’t always that way. […]

Sox 67

At the end of August 67, the Sox were in New York for a three-game series. Two things would happen in these games that would be inconceivable today. First, Yankee Stadium had a “Carl Yastrzemski Night”, and second, a traffic jam developed when thousands of New Englanders drove to the Big Apple to fill empty […]

Bobby V- Strike Three

Unlike some managers of the past, Bobby Valentine is a decent human being. However, he was clearly the wrong choice in the chaos that enveloped the Red Sox a year ago and has continued for most of the 2012 season. Valentine had several strikes against him. Instead of the disciplinarian they needed (was Lou Piniella […]