Pettitte Admits HGH Use….Now What Roger*?

Andy Pettitte made the following statement today through his agent; “If what I did was an error in judgment on my part, I apologize. I accept responsibility for those two days.” He did the right thing and now baseball can forgive him (even if he is a Yankee.) Will Roger Clemens* follow his lead? I […]

Don’t Believe the Hank

The Yanks are back in the Santana sweepstakes even if Hank Steinbrenner said they were done. Much like his false statements about A-Rod, Hank has done a 180. Dan Haren was traded to the Diamondbacks yesterday taking away one pitching option for New York. The Yankees do not have a true ace and their staff […]

Can The “Clean Generation” Save Baseball?

Dustin Pedroia was interviewed about the Mitchell Report by the Providence Journal today and said that his generation is clean. Here is a quote from the article, “Pedroia was also quick to point out all the young talent within the Sox’ organization — all of whom are 26 or younger — are all of sound […]

A-Rod Denies He’s a Juicer

Jose Canseco has called the Mitchell Report “laughable” because Alex Rodriguez was not mentioned in it. So far Canseco seems like the only honest person in the game. His book Juiced is a lot more accurate than people gave him credit for. (Dan Duquette and Jose Canseco credible…who would have thought?) A-Rod will appear on […]

Schilling and the Mitchell Report

Curt Schilling was asked by George Mitchell to speak about steroids in the game for the investigation because he has been outspoken about the issue and had testified in front of Congress. Schilling declined to participate in the investigation because he “would have nothing to offer other than personal opinion and hypotheticals.” Schilling posted in […]

Congress Wants Another Swing At Baseball

Congress wants leaders of MLB to testify at hearings once again. The hearings are scheduled for Tuesday with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Jan. 23 by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. MLB has a legal monopoly which can be taken away by Congress. Cliff Stearns (R) Florida has called for Selig’s […]

Donald Fehr Fails His Clients

MLB Players Association Director Donald Fehr responded to the Mitchell Report yesterday in a press conference and through a released statement. It is his job to protect his player clients but it is also his responsibility to ensure the integrity of the game. If you read his statement and watch the press conference you realize […]

Clemens Misses Yet Another Chance To Make The Right Choice

How many times have baseball fans given Clemens a pass? Sox fans gave him a “standing O” during his several “last” games at Fenway. Yankee fans welcomed him back after giving him a car on his farewell tour. Astro fans gave him a pass for not going on the road with the team. The media […]

Sox Don’t Give Donnelly New Contract

At 12:03 this morning, the Sox announced that they would not be offering reliever Brendan Donnelly a new contract, making him a free agent. The Sox announcement came less than 24 hours before the Mitchel Report named Donnelly as a player implicated in the use of performance enhancing drugs. A Red Sox spokesman said that […]

Red Sox Front Office Comments on Mitchell Report

The Red Sox Front Office released a statement this afternoon on the Mitchell Report. In their statement, the Sox said that they “supported and fully cooperated with this investigation initiated by Commissioner Selig and conducted by Senator Mitchell.” They also commended Senator Mitchell and his staff for conducting the report. The Sox go on to […]

Bud Selig Press Conference

Commissioner Bud Selig held a press conference about the Mitchell Report today where he announced he will act to rid the sport of steroids by doing these 3 things: 1. No 24 hour test notice for players 2. Selig will deal with active players and club personnel in the Mitchell Report. Discipline will be made […]

Red Sox and Yankee Players in Mitchell Report

No current Red Sox on the list but several former players. Josias ManzanilloJeremy GiambiClemensMo VaughnChris DonnelsMike LansingKent MerckerMike StantonEric GagneBrendan DonnellySteve WoodardChris Donnels Yankees on the list:Hal Morris Andy Pettitte Chuck Knoblauch David Justice Glenallen Hill Denny Neagle Todd Williams Kevin Brown Daniel Naulty Gary Sheffield Ron Villone Jason Grimsley the complete list of players […]

The Bomb is About to Drop

The report is under an hour away and could chance the way we look at several players in the game. The news conference will be streamed live on but I would bet it will crash due to the number of people watching…remember the Rockies attempt at online ticketing? A second news conference is scheduled […]

Sox sign Kevin Cash to a Minor League Deal

Cash has re-signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. He could become Wakefield’s personal catcher but the Red Sox will most likely continue to look for a backup for Tek or re-sign Doug Mirabelli. Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

CNBC Posts List of Players on the Mitchell Report

I don’t know how accurate this is but take a look. Players with Sox connections: Nomar, Gagne, Trot,Clemens, Damon, Offerman, Tek, Mo Vaughn, El Guapo, Carl Everett, and Tavarez. This would be very bad for the Nation if it is true. Update: The validity of this report has been disputed by MLB…CNBC has now taken […]

Clemens Will Be Named In Mitchell Report

As I speculated yesterday, Roger Clemens will be listed in the Mitchell Report. Sox fans who have been shunned by The Rocket and his choosing the Yankees will now they get a little payback. Clemens* may join Bonds* as the face of the steroid era. This may only be temporary if any Sox players appear […]

Mitchell Report to Expose “Top to Bottom” Drug Culture

It’s about to hit the streets…and the earlier reviews aren’t good for Major League Baseball. The Mitchell Report on steroids in baseball is going to name names including some of baseball’s MVP’s and All-Stars. The 304 page report is likely to bring a dark cloud over what has been a stellar year (at least for […]

Theo Becomes a Dad

Theo’s wife gave birth to a baby boy they named Jack. Don’t expect a Santana deal today. Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

Bill Richardson Looks For Help From Red Sox Nation

Earlier this week I posted about Curt Schilling’s aid for John McCain in New Hampshire. The power of the Red Sox Nation voting block is now being targeted by Democratic Presidential Candidate Bill Richardson who is having Luis Tiant campaign for him in the Granite State. Richardson had previously said his dream job outside of […]