Derek Lowe Is Not Coming Back Through That Door

Derek Lowe will not be returning to the Boston Red Sox. The Mets have offered him a 3-year deal and with the Red Sox signing of Brad Penny there is very little chance they would want another middle of the road starter. The Daily News had this additional information: Lowe recently told a friend that […]

Amalie Benjamin & Tim Kurkjian on Scouting

Amalie Benjamin of The Boston Globe wrote a nice piece on Blair Henry, the Northern California and Nevada scout for the Boston Red Sox. Blair Henry was the scout who found Lars Anderson. In her article, she describes not only the Henry’s discovery of Anderson, but also gives us a glimpse into the life and […]

A-Rod Finds A New Way To Piss People Off

If you didn’t have enough reason to dislike the Yankees prima donna third basemen, here’s another story to add to the list. From the NY Daily News: Onlookers say, the Yankees slugger blocked traffic with his black Maybach while waiting for a parking spot at the Bal Harbour Mall. “It was ridiculous,” one witness fumed. […]

Roger* Gets Kicked to the Curb

Now Roger Clemens* can’t get any love in his hometown….even after giving $3 million: HOUSTON — The Roger Clemens Institute for Sports Medicine will no longer carry the former Astro’s name. The Institute opened in 2007 and Clemens had donated three million dollars to the hospital’s pediatric wing. But on January 1, it will now […]

Theo’s To-Do List is Pretty Short

In any other off-season fans might be happy with what Theo has done; the team that came within one game of the World Series has been preserved, the MVP second baseman has been locked up for the future, and some good additions have been added while the payroll is down. Has the Yankee spending spree […]

Josh Bard is Back

In other news, GM’s across the majors look through the Rolodex for Doug Mirabelli’s agent’s number. In a day of ho-hum additions to the Red Sox, the signing of Josh Bard gets a thumbs up, just not way up. Bard looked like a steal for the Padres in ’07 but looked like a bust in […]

Red Sox Close to Signing Brad Penny

The Red Sox may have found their spot starter and his name is Brad Penny. This news is not going to have Red Sox Nation popping the New Years champagne corks early, but it does fill the need for a spot starter or 5th starter if he is healthy. There is a big “if” with […]

What it Will Take To Get Peavy

If Theo can work out a trade with the Padres for Jake Peavy the Red Sox would have the best rotation in the majors by far. The Pads have said they are listening to offers but the Sox would have to pony up some of their favorite prospects. The Peavy-to-Cubs deal fell through after the […]

Site Changes

Fenway West in undergoing a redesign during the next week. Please be patient as I work out all of the bugs and get things working correctly. Thanks for your continued support. Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

Yankee Owners on the Down Low

Gettin’ harsh and nasty with the Yankees and Boras in a couple of R-rated posts, but you’ll have to CLICK HERE if you want to read them. You’ve been warned. Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

Varitek Update

The Red Sox are still negotiating with Jason Varitek but since they have not landed a big bat yet they may not be as willing to sign him. Teagarden or Salty from Texas would be good offensive fits for Boston but the Sox are unwilling to pay the price (Buchholz or Bowden). Theo is stuck […]

Shopping Time

There are bargains to be had out there in the after-Christmas sales and the Red Sox need to join the masses and get busy shopping. Teixeira was really a luxury item for Boston, but the Red Sox have some absolute needs in the coming weeks and must fill these holes in order of importance: 1. […]

Youk to Play for Team USA in WBC

Kevin Youkilis will join Dustin Pedroia on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic this spring. No word on whether he will play 1st or 3rd base. “For me, it’d be cool to represent my country,” Youkilis said. “If they ask me, yeah. Yeah, definitely. I’ll play. Cool experience. I’ve done a lot of great […]

Mike Lowell- Safe at 3rd!

I’m extremely happy to see that Mike Lowell has a job with the Sox in 2009. While Mark Teixeira’s bat and glove may have been a welcome presence in the Sox line up (to some), the heart and soul (aka chemistry) of the team that missed going to the 2008 WS by only one (1) […]

The Nation Reacts

The news of Mark Teixeira signing with the Yankees has now reached the farthest corners of Red Sox Nation and reactions are not hard to find. Sox and Dawgs has a rundown of Red Sox bloggers on the issue. The Bottom Line shows proof that Teixeira always wanted to be a Yankee. Curt Schilling thinks […]

Yankees Sign Kevin Cash

The New York Yankees continue to sign players, now they have signed Kevin Cash. The day just got worse, not that Cash is the best player in the world but I did meet him last year and my son has an autograph from him that says “Go Sox!” Fenway West- The Western Home to Red […]

The Rivalry Adds Another Chapter

The Yankees acquisition of Mark Teixeira is bad news for the Red Sox. As a switch hitter Teixeira can take advantage of the short porch at Yankee Stadium and of the Green Monster when he comes to Fenway. With A-Rod and Teix signed to long term deals the Yankees should have solid offense for some […]