Youk to Play for Team USA in WBC

Kevin Youkilis will join Dustin Pedroia on Team USA in the World Baseball Classic this spring. No word on whether he will play 1st or 3rd base. “For me, it’d be cool to represent my country,” Youkilis said. “If they ask me, yeah. Yeah, definitely. I’ll play. Cool experience. I’ve done a lot of great […]

Mike Lowell- Safe at 3rd!

I’m extremely happy to see that Mike Lowell has a job with the Sox in 2009. While Mark Teixeira’s bat and glove may have been a welcome presence in the Sox line up (to some), the heart and soul (aka chemistry) of the team that missed going to the 2008 WS by only one (1) […]

The Nation Reacts

The news of Mark Teixeira signing with the Yankees has now reached the farthest corners of Red Sox Nation and reactions are not hard to find. Sox and Dawgs has a rundown of Red Sox bloggers on the issue. The Bottom Line shows proof that Teixeira always wanted to be a Yankee. Curt Schilling thinks […]

Yankees Sign Kevin Cash

The New York Yankees continue to sign players, now they have signed Kevin Cash. The day just got worse, not that Cash is the best player in the world but I did meet him last year and my son has an autograph from him that says “Go Sox!” Fenway West- The Western Home to Red […]

The Rivalry Adds Another Chapter

The Yankees acquisition of Mark Teixeira is bad news for the Red Sox. As a switch hitter Teixeira can take advantage of the short porch at Yankee Stadium and of the Green Monster when he comes to Fenway. With A-Rod and Teix signed to long term deals the Yankees should have solid offense for some […]

BREAKING NEWS – Yankees Sign Teixeira

SI is reporting the Yankees will sign Teixeira shortly. The story is also being reported by ESPN Radio and the NY Times. The Herald has confirmed he will not be signing with Boston and will most likely go to the Bronx. Peter Gammons has the deal

Get Off The Pot Already Mark Teixeira

So are we getting a decision today or are well all going for another ride on the Boras roller coaster? Now the Yankees are back in the mix trying to mess things up for the Red Sox and there are also reports that Teixeira has still not made up his mind between the Nationals and […]

Report: Red Sox Could Announce Teixeira Signing Today

The Washington Times has a source telling them that an announcement from Mark Teixeira is coming today with most indications that he will be signing with Boston. UPDATE: The Washington Post reports the Nats have no plans to make an announcement on Teixeira today. Merry Christmas Sox fans, looks like we may have a great […]

Roger* Gets Sued for Defamation

Roger Clemens* former trainer Brian McNamee has filled a defamation lawsuit against him according to published reports. Now Roger* is facing a federal perjury investigation, a defamation lawsuit, and is likely to have his own defamation lawsuit thrown out. How’s that vindication thing going now? Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

Nats May Have Retaken the Lead in Teixeira Sweepstakes

The Nationals have upped their offer to Mark Teixeira to 8 years $178- 184 million. That might just be a little more than what the Red Sox have offered. With the Angels out there is a good chance that Teix will end up in D.C. Fenway West- The Western Home to Red Sox Nation

Report: Manny Close to Signing With Yankees

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic is reporting that Manny Ramirez is close to signing a three year $75 million contract with the Yankees. According to the report he could sign as early as today. UPDATE: Brian Cashman has said the report is not true in a text message. Fenway West- The Western Home to […]

Angels Give Up Hope for Teixeira

The Angels have withdrawn their offer to Mark Teixeira according to the LA Times: Boras is reportedly seeking an eight-year deal for at least $180 million, and a source familiar with the Angels’ thinking maintained all last week that owner Arte Moreno had no plans to sweeten the deal. “Arte is sticking to his guns […]

Manny Thinks Yanks Will Give Him 3 Years

A person close to Manny Ramirez told the Daily News that he thinks the Yankees will be offering him at least a three year contract. Three years might be all it takes to land Manny. Are you prepared to see Manny in pinstripes? This would certainly make the rivalry even more interesting. Fenway West- The […]

Gammons Says Sox and Teixeira are Close

Peter Gammons has a new blog post up filled with info on the Red Sox including Teixeira negotiations: One source close to Teixeira said Friday that the two sides are not that far apart, and the conciliatory and civilized nature of those words made it obvious that Teixeira likes Mr. Henry’s neighborhood, he just wants […]