Quote of the Day

Where’s Jack Morris been all these years, anyway?  He finally gets a job up there in Toronto and he has to make statements like that and take away from what this kid has done? –Dennis Eckersley on accusations that Buchholz doctored the ball.

Happy Dice-K Day!

That’s right folks…today is the day that Daisuke Matsuzaka is returning to the big boys club and pitching on a mound.  I know there is a lot of discussion, complaints and just frustrations sometimes with Dice-K, particularly with how things went down last year…however, that doesn’t temper my excitement.  I think Dice-K is a fantastic […]

Red Sox Lineup 4/22 vs. K.C.

J.D. Drew and Marco Scutaro get a day off.  Here’s today’s lineup 1. Jacoby Ellsbury LF 2. Dustin Pedroia 2B 3. Victor Martinez C 4. Kevin Youkilis 1B 5. David Ortiz DH 6. Adrian Beltre 3B 7. Jeremy Hermida RF 8. Mike Cameron CF 9. Bill Hall SS Clay Buchholz SP

Talking Sox Podcast

Announcing the new “Talking Sox” podcast. The Talking Sox Show is quickly going to become the best part of your week as Matt O’Donnell from Fenway West, Massachusetts’ Red Sox Nation Governor Jared Carrabis from, and Craig from bring the latest and greatest news from the local nine to your ear buds. We […]

Top 10 Red Sox Moments of 2009

10. May 20th: Big Papi hits first home run of the season. 9. August 12th: Jerry Remy returns to the broadcast booth. 8. June 12th: Daniel Bard gets his first career save by striking out the side in the 13th inning. 7. April 29th: Jonathan Van Every hits his first home run to win the […]

Mikey Lowell Surgery Is A Success

The Boston Globe reported today that Mike Lowell’s thumb surgery was considered a success today.  They reported that he had a 95% tear in the ligament in his thumb, but that it was able to be repaired.  Mikey will return to his home in Florida tomorrow to recover and he should be ready for prime […]

The Post-Bay Red Sox

Jason Bay hit 8 more homers than anyone else on the Red Sox last season, he also drove in more runs and had the second highest OPS.  Mike Cameron will not put up those numbers and the addition of Scutaro will only pick up some of the offensive missing from Bay’s absences.  Fans may find […]

Mets to Sign Jason Bay is reporting that the Mets plan to sign Jason Bay pending a physical. has the details of the deal: Jason Bay has reached agreement on a four-year, guaranteed $66 million contract with the Mets, a baseball source confirmed to Tuesday.. The deal includes a vesting option year that could increase Bay’s overall […]

Pedroia Still Giving Back to Woodland

Early last season Dustin Pedroia ran into trouble with some residents of his hometown after an interview with Boston Magazine. The events got so out of control that his family received death threats.  Pedroia didn’t let it bother him and he continues to give back to Woodland.  On January 30th he will be hosting a […]

Yankees, Red Sox and LF

In a surprising offseason the two top free agents are still on the market.  In a perfect world either Bay or Holliday ends up on the Red Sox and the Yankees are left overpaying for Johnny Damon.  If Holliday would stay in St. Louis and Bay went to the Mets things would be fine, but […]

Is Signing Bay a Bridge Too Far?

The Red Sox could still sign Jason Bay or Matt Holliday but it would cause almost as many problems as it solves.  The Sox have Cameron, Ells, and Drew to play outfield and have Hermida as a backup.  One of those three would have to be traded to make room for Bay.  The contract would […]

Where are they now- Coco Crisp

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Coco Crisp has agreed to a 1 year contract with the Oakland A’s for 2010 with a club option for 2011, giving the A’s a very strong defensive outfield for next year. Crisp had a rough year last year and was limited to 49 games before having […]

Even CBS says the Red Sox are the “Team of the Decade”

The once-every-nine-or-ten year discussion of “The Team of the Decade” is upon us again. Yankee fans will claim their bookend WS titles, most division titles, most AL Pennants, most wins, etc., justify their claim to this title. (Let’s not forget most money spent on payroll.) Chicago White Sox fans will claim that their team should […]

Pete Abraham’s Christmas Poem to RSN!

Merry Almost Christmas Everyone!  So far in the off season, the Red Sox have brought us the signing of John Lackey and Mike Cameron, the trade rumors surrounding Adrian Gonzalez and the diss of Jason Bay.  One more thing that the Red Sox and the Globe have brought us this year…and that is the addition […]

Jacoby Ellsbury Steals Home v. NYY

  On April 26, 2009, in the bottom of the 5th inning against the New York Yankees, Jacoby Ellsbury stole home. Andy Pettitte was on the mound, Jorge Posada behind the dish, and left handed batter J.D. Drew was at the plate. Ellsbury had a huge lead, and as Pettitte wound up, Ellsbury took off […]

Bay Watch: Still a Possibility

There is some noise that the Red Sox might make another offer to Jason Bay.  That of course would give the team 4 starting outfielders and since you only need 3 one might me traded away. (restart the Ells and Buchholz to Pads for Gonzalez rumors)  Signing Bay would also be a huge financial commitment […]

How Would You Fill Out the Lineup Card?

If you were in Tito’s seat where would you plug the new faces into the lineup card?  Here’s my lineup: Jacoby Ellsbury-CFDustin Pedroia-2BKevin Youkilis-1BVictor Martinez-CDavid Ortiz-DHMike Cameron-LFMike Lowell-3BJ.D. Drew-RFMarco Scutaro-SS

Yankees are Building a Juggernaut

If there was a weak point in the World Championship Yankees team it was their lack of depth in the rotation.  Today they fixed that by trading Melky Cabrera for Javier Vazquez.  Joe Ponanski points out that Vazquez may be the perfect fourth starter.  The trade gives the Yankees an answer to the John Lackey […]

As Jason Bay’s World Turns

I think it’s pretty sad how the negotiations with Jason Bay ended up going…that he is going to be wearing a different team’s jersey next year…especially since for the most part, Jason really wanted to come back and the Sox really wanted him back. So, in my mind…this is how the drama unfolded…between Jason and […]