Will Middlebrooks – At a Crossroads

Where does Will Middlebrooks stand on the Red Sox roster? Right now, it is hard to say. But with two free agents among the 2013 infield regulars, his status is definitely important.   A year ago at this time, the 25-year-old was projected as the Sox' regular third baseman. But partly becacuse of injuries and […]

Ray of light in the darkness

In these new times of terror and vigilance we live in, it is always like a ray of light in the darkness when we hear and read accounts of heroic deeds such as Bostonians running towards the Marathon explosions rather than away from to help casualties, or Marathon runners continuing running two miles past the […]

Is It Time For Lester To Go?

  With the Royals announcement that mega-prospect Will Myers is available to be traded, and because of the Royals previous interest in Lester it’s time to think about letting him go. Lester had a miserable 2012 season, setting career lows in ERA (4.82) and strikeouts (166) and at 28 he really should be in his […]

Is the Swish a Good Fit?

              Word is that the Red Sox and the Yankees have had a mini biding war over free agent Nick Swisher. Swisher is switch hitter who is listed as an outfielder, but can play most positions of the diamond. He’s coming off a season where he batted a bit […]

Is the Swish a Good Fit?

              Word is that the Red Sox and the Yankees have had a mini biding war over free agent Nick Swisher. Swisher is switch hitter who is listed as an outfielder, but can play most positions of the diamond. He’s coming off a season where he batted a bit […]

Red Sox Sign David Ross

The Red Sox have made their first move of the offseason and it is a head scratcher.  The team has signed backup catcher David Ross to a 2-year $6.2 million contract.  The Red Sox have Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Ryan Lavarnway as catchers so one of them will be going elsewhere via trade or in Lavarnway’s […]

Red Sox Hot Stove Gets a Little Warmer

Ben Cherington has his work cut out for him to put together a competitive team this offseason.  The manager is in place and so is most of the coaching staff; it was announced yesterday that Gary Tuck would remain as bullpen coach.  The team will interview Rick Schu for the hitting coach position today.  Now […]

Introducing Juan Nieves

Still trying to recoil from the Valentine Disaster, the Red Sox have gone with another low-profile addition to the coaching staff. Juan Nieves has served the past five seasons with the Chicago White Sox as the bullpen coach. Nieves is a former pitcher, and although his career was short and mediocre for the most part, […]

The Red Sox Have a New Pitching Coach

The Red Sox announced that Juan Nieves will join John Farrell’s coaching staff as the new pitching coach.  Nieves has never been a pitching coach in the majors but hid did spend five years as the White Sox bullpen coach.  This will be the fourth pitching coach for the Red Sox in the last three […]

Sox 67 – Firing of Sal Maglie

In the late fall of 67, there weren’t many positive headlines in the Globe. 500,000 Americans were fighting in Vietnam, with no end in sight. Campuses were exploding everywhere. At Harvard, 245 protesters were placed on probation or given warnings for their part in “imprisoning” a campus recruiter in late October. On the Red Sox […]

Quote of the Day

“After he went on national TV to say what he said, he sent me a text message trying to tell me that it was the media trying to change things. I did not respond to the message and I said to myself, this guy must have some mental issues or needs medicine or something? I […]

Quote of the Day

“I think Boston learned from their own experience what the fans and the players feel about Boston, and I think that they did a great job at signing David and bringing him back and probably have him finish his career here in Boston.  He earned it, and I think the Red Sox totally understand that […]

Red Sox and Papi Agree to a 2 Year Deal

It is being widely reported that the Red Sox and David Ortiz have agreed to a 2 year deal for $26 million dollars.  The deal also is reported to have incentives worth about 4 million dollars, so Papi could be walking away with 30 mil by the end of 2014. While by the standards of […]

Dustin Pedroia – Solution or Problem

In the space of only one year, Dustin Pedroia has gone from being one of the most popular Sox players to an enigma. But on this young and rebuilding team, he should provide leadership by performance and attitude. Right now, unfortunately, that is questionable. Pedroia’s first five seasons with the Sox showed Hall of Fame […]

Sox 67

As a teenaged Sox fan in 67, I have a confession to make. I wish the Sox had lost game 6 at Fenway on October 11. That way, many of us rooters would have been spared the belief-24 hours long-that the Impossible Dream could be totally fulfilled. There would be many other disappointments, of course, […]

Red Sox Name New Third Base Coach

Brian Butterfield will become the new third base coach for the Red Sox.  Butterfield, a native of Maine, was previously John Farrell’s third base coach in Toronto.  Peter Gammons offered high praise for Butterfield today: There may not be a better coach in the game than Brian Butterfield. And that Yankee delegation in SF are […]

Red Sox Players Become Free Agents

After the World Series ends, players that are eligible become free agents.  There are six Red Sox players from the 2012 roster that are now free agents.  They are: David Ortiz, Cody Ross, Daisuke Matsuzaka, James Loney, Aaron Cook, Vicente Padilla, and Scott Podsednik. The Red Sox will likely keep David Ortiz and sign him […]

Give Farrell a Chance

John Farrell is here, and already the negative talk has begun. Pitching coaches make bad managers. He was part of the problem in the Sox decline after 07. His record in Toronto was 154-170. This is a big moment in Red Sox history. Their image right now is that of a laughingstock- three managers in […]

Quote of the Day

“With the Boston fans you have a big deal that was made about my money and trying to play for the team. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that and taken care of myself. I pretty much put pressure on myself to play. You get looked at as being soft and as somebody just trying to […]

Red Sox Interview For Pitching Coach

The Red Sox have begun to look for a new pitching coach and are starting the interview process with Orioles director of pitching development Rick Peterson.  In the past Peterson was the pitching coach for the Mets, A’s and Brewers.