Goodbye to Ellsbury

I have to say it.  Jacoby Ellsbury, I'm going to miss you. I'll watch you play 19 times next year. I'll watch you take a lead off first, then race for second knowing there's a very small chance you will be caught. Sometimes, a wild throw will put you at third. More often than not, […]

Jacoby Chases the $

We all knew Jacoby Ellsbury was going for a big pay day when he signed Scott Boras as his agent a few years ago.  This afternoon he signed a seven year $153 million deal with the Yankees.  The deal also includes an option for an eighth year for an $16 million. Baseball is a business […]

Red Sox are Signing A.J. Pierzynski

The Red Sox are finalizing a deal with veteran catcher A.J. Pierzynski which likely means the end of Saltalamacchia's time in Boston.  Pierzynski hit .272 with 17 home runs for Texas last season and is a career .283 hitter in 16 years in MLB.

No Contract for Bailey

The Red Sox have decided to let Andrew Bailey hit the open market after not offering him arbitration by tonight's deadline.  He is likely to miss a good portion of next season.  The Red Sox could still bring him back at a lower price but they also risk another team snatching him up.

07 Sox – Let’s Not Forget

In last Sunday's Globe, Dan Shaughnessy attempted to rank the three Red Sox World Series victories in order of importance. Not surprisingly, he picked 04 first. That, of course, was the Series that "reversed the curse". It added to Dan's fame, both as one of the originators of the Curse idea himself and the man […]

Sox 88- Lou Gorman

Lou Gorman is often portrayed as a rather inept GM. His nickname, Uncle Lou, suggests and older man who means well, but basically is somewhat of a bumbler. His record with the Sox from 1984 to 1993 is an up-and-down one, but writers and fans seem to remember the mistakes more than his successes. His […]

Farrell vs Francona

Nick Cafardo, respected Globe columnist, began his "On Baseball" column last Wednesday with the line "The Red Sox' John Farrell was as surely the AL Manager of the Year as the sky is blue." He referred, of course, to the 112-96 baseball writers' vote naming Terry Francona to the award. Since the voting took place […]

Sox 88 – Wade Boggs

In mid-November 1988, several pieces appeared concerning the status of Wade Boggs. One, by Globe icon Leigh Montville, questioned why Boggs was held in such low esteem by Boston fans. In a piece entitled "No Love of Boggs" , Montville wrote:" He engenders no more affection than a trusty mixer on the kitchen counter….His uniform […]

Don’t Mess With the Staff

As the World Series glow slowly fades, thoughts about the future are everywhere. Repeating as World Champs isn't as easy as it was when the Yanks took 5 in a row from 1949 through 1953. Of course, free agency is a big part of that.   I'm not sure which Sox free agents will stay, […]

Sox 88 – Departure of Bruce Hurst

In early November 1988, an item from Dan Shaughnessy was entitled "Hurst Files   for Free Agency". The piece states that after two weeks of negotiations without an agreement for the lefty, he announced that he was "testing the waters". According to Shaughnessy, Bruce was looking for three years guaranteed, while GM Lou Gorman was offering two, […]

Three Games in April

Before the season, most writers were picking the Sox either fourth or fifth in the division. This writer chose not to predict in this way. I wrote that I did not care how many they won or where they finished in the standings. I only wanted a team that would be worth rooting for. That […]

Red Sox Have Some Difficult Offseason Choices Ahead

The 2013 season is in the books, duck boats and all.  Unfortunately it will be impossible to field the same team next season and Ben Cherington has some difficult choices ahead. The biggest is Ellsbury who will be a free agent and will be looking for a long term deal.  Ellsbury's agent is Scott Boras […]

Big Papi MVP

David Ortiz: World Series MVP

Once the Red Sox won the World Series, I don't think there was any surprise to anyone that David Ortiz was named the World Series MVP.  Sure, Jon Lester dominated in each of his starts and Koji Uehara made closing look easy, but when you put that up against the series that Papi had, it […]