Pitchers in the Infield

On Sunday the Boston Red Sox did something very interesting. They ran a drill with Daniel Bard at first base, Ryan Demptster at second, John Lackey at shortstop and Andrew Miller at third. This drill was introduced by new pitching coach Juan Nieves. So what was is the purpose of this drill you ask? “It serves a couple of purposes. One, it continues to allow the pitchers to go through the bunt responsibilities. But it also gives them insight in what every other player on the field’s responsibilities are,” said manager John Farrell. we can already see the importance the Red Sox are putting on fielding by the pitchers and also allows them to learn how to read bunts better, whether to try to take the bunt themselves or to let the infielders take the bunts. Now that the Red Sox will be playing alot more NL teams, this is a good skill since we will see alot more pitchers bunting and alot more clubs playing "small ball".