Red Sox Media Gets Taken to the Woodshed

In a scathing article in Boston Magazine entitled: The Fellowship of the Miserable By Alan Siege, the Red Sox print media gets destroyed.  

It’s just that too many of our sportswriters—ahem, sports “personalities”—have become adept at using these 21st-century tools to serve up what is little more than the same old slop….The primary goal for reporters seems no longer to be merely producing great and interesting work. These days, they’re all trying to be loud and provocative so they can become fixtures on TV and radio. There’s good money, after all, in broadcast…In a landscape where being loud and controversial is valued over being smart and insightful—and over doing the difficult work of investigative reporting—it’s no surprise that the Boston sports media keeps getting beat on genuinely important news, like Passan’s story about the Red Sox players meeting with ownership.

Has the Red Sox media "Jumped the Shark?"  What's your take on the state of local sports media in Boston?


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