West Coast Still Leaves Sox Winless

The Red Sox have just been swept in their last two series and headed to Seattle in hopes of getting their first win of the west coast road trip.  Clay Buchholz took the mound for the Sox and while he pitched well, the team would still end up with another loss at the end of […]

Want to Be the Red Sox Spring Training PA Announcer?

Start practicing your, “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to Jetblue Park.”  The Red Sox are looking for a new PA announcer for spring training. Here’s the details: NBC2 has teamed up with the Red Sox and Hodges University to find a new voice for 2012. If you think you have what it takes […]

Sox 67

In early January of 1967, baseball in Boston was not a particularly hot topic. In world news, one headline announced: ” LBJ asks for 6% income surtax to offset war cost.” A later one says “He stakes future on moderate war”, whatever that meant.The football world was building up to the first Super Bowl (it […]

Red Sox Trade For Bailey

The Red Sox have sent Josh Reddick and prospects Miles Head and Raul Alcantara to Oakland in exchange for closer  Andrew Bailey and outfielder Ryan Sweeney.  The deal fills two of the big holes for the Red Sox and solidifies the bullpen.  Now if the Red Sox could add a quality starter or two the […]

Oki Signs With the Yanks

Hideki Okajima has signed a minor league deal with the Yankees and will try to make the major league team in spring training. We’ll see if he can regain his stiff but the OkiDoki was missing last season.

Sox Rotation

The Red Sox starting rotation, as most fans would agree, is still up in the air. The only sure things seems to be Josh Beckett and John Lester. Clay Bucholz also may qualify, but he is coming off a long-term injury. Alfredo Aceves and Daniel Bard have been mentioned, but Aceves was primarily a reliever […]

The Unsexiest Men of 2011

The Boston Phoenix published their annual Unsexiest Men list, and 3 current Red Sox, 1 former Red Sox, and 3 Red Sox advertising gnomes made the 2011 edition.   The winners: #77 Manny Ramirez #62 Furniture Guys: Bob, Bernie, Jordan #29 John Henry #9 John Lackey & Josh Beckett

Quote of the Day

“A lot of relievers are in the bullpen (despite) having starters’ stuff because they don’t have the ability to repeat their delivery for 100 to 130 pitches. It depends on body type. It depends on their arm.” –Bob McClure on taking a wait and see attitude about bringing Bard and Aceves into the rotation.

McClure to be Red Sox Pitching Coach

Bob McClure, no relation to Troy McClure, is set to be named as the next Red Sox pitching coach.  McClure will replace Curt Young who re-joined the Oakland A’s.  You may know McClure as the Kanas City Royals pitching coach for the past 6 years.

Crawford Still Has Not Spoken With Valentine

Carl Crawford did not answer Bobby Valentine’s phone calls or text messages and only when this spat started to get some press did Crawford’s agent get in touch with Valentine.  Bobby V. tried to put a good spin on the issue when he spoke with WEEI: Speaking to his agent, he is working. We have […]

Quote of the Day

“Watching the guys in this league that had a lot of success in a starting role that I thought I could do that.  You know, I got as good of or better raw stuff than them and I try to keep myself in good shape and everything that it pointed to me having success in […]

Bogar to Become Red Sox Bench Coach

Tim Bogar will have to wave runners in from the dugout since he is being promoted to bench coach.  Bogar made some questionable decisions about sending runners last season but he is a well repected coach and should be a great help to Bobby Valentine.  Jerry Royster is the guy rumored to take Bogar’s place […]